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Protect Everything In Your Home With Whole House Surge Protection

Ask Yourself This: Is my Home Power Surge-Protected?

It used to be that protecting your electronics was easy… just buy yourself a couple of surge protection power strips (one for the computer, another for your A/V gear) and that’s it. Today the number of devices that need protection has grown and made it cost-prohibitive or even unrealistic to add individual surge protectors to everything that needs it.

home-surge-protector-in-best-whole-houseStop and think about all the delicate electronics you have plugged in around the house. How many of them would be wiped out were there to be a damaging surge? How much money would it cost to replace them?

The most comprehensive option for surge protection is a whole house surge protector that is mounted next to the electrical panel where your power enters the home. This product can provide protection to the entire house when installed correctly by a licensed electrician.

Without a surge protector, the power of high voltage electrical feedback, most commonly occurring during thunderstorms and power outages, is enough to completely destroy sensitive electronics of a computer or television, or render the motor in a refrigerator utterly useless. Although electrical surges are relatively rare, the amount of damage they represent is a serious consideration for any appliance, or for private information and large amounts of data stored on a personal computer. The easiest and cheapest way to prevent such damage is simply to purchase a surge protector, which will shut off all electronic equipment just prior to a feedback pulse and neutralize the resulting surge. There are a variety of different types and brands with most of the better ones in the $300.00 range.

whole-house-surge-protectors-westchester-nyThe protection a surge protector provides is measured as a rating in Joules, which is a measurement of energy and indicates how much of a surge they can protect against. In general, a higher rating means more protection from one of these devices.

It is important that any power outlet in a house or similar building be properly grounded to ensure that a surge has somewhere to go – even with a surge protector. Something as powerful as a bolt of lightning cannot be adequately handled by a surge protector, but more common power issues like surges from a power company or other local sources can all be dealt with by good surge protection.
This keeps your computer and other electronics from being damaged due to a sudden increase in power.

If you have additional questions or would like to know more about surges and the surge protection units we recommend call us asap.