Circuit Breaker Services in White Plains, NY

Electrical devices and appliances throughout your home depend on the free flow of electricity to power them when needed. Over time, though, wiring can become old and damaged and there may be appliances that don’t work well anymore. If there is any issue with your electrical system, it’s crucial to call for professional circuit breaker services as soon as possible. At Red Star Electric in White Plains, NY, we can help with any circuit breaker issues and make sure your electrical system is safe and ready to use.

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Circuit Breaker Services in White Plains, NY | Red Star Electric

What Circuit Breakers Do

All electricity flows into the home through the electrical panel, which is made up of wiring and circuits. The circuits are designed to check for the appropriate flow of electricity. If an arc fault breaker detects any issues with the flow of electricity, the breaker will trip.

The arc fault circuit interrupter is designed to stop the flow of electricity if anything abnormal is detected to help prevent potentially hazardous issues like an electrical fire, shock, or electrocution. If the circuit breakers keep tripping after being reset, circuit breaker services are needed to get to the bottom of the issue. 

Arc Fault Causes

An arc fault is an issue that can occur if there are issues with the electrical wiring or devices in the home. A circuit breaker is designed to trip if anything like this is detected, stopping the flow of electricity to that part of the home.

If there is an arc fault breaker tripping regularly, it’s crucial to look into the causes of an arc fault to find out what happened so that it can be fixed. Some of the most common causes of an arc fault or an arc fault breaker tripping include the following. 

Older and Incompatible Appliances

Older appliances may not be compatible with modern electricity anymore. While this can seem odd, as the devices still use electricity, they may have a different mechanical arc pattern. This can cause the breaker to trip, even if the device is working properly. It may be time to replace these appliances with something newer that will work properly with the electrical system. 

Faulty Appliances

Faulty appliances may generate sparks or have other issues that can lead to breakers tripping. In this case, it’s necessary to have the appliance repaired or go ahead and replace it to prevent further issues. 

Electrical Overload

Circuits can only handle so many devices and appliances at once. If there’s a larger appliance on the circuit and something else is plugged in, the electrical circuit could be overloaded, which will cause it to trip. Unplugging something and using it elsewhere in the home could solve this issue. 


Poor connections can cause a circuit to end up overheating, which can cause it to trip or lead to the potential for an electrical fire. If overheating is detected, repairs are needed immediately. 

Faulty or Damaged Wiring 

Any faulty or damaged wiring can cause an arc fault breaker to trip. It is important to make sure the wiring is not too old, as it can start to fray over time or end up breaking. If any issues with the wiring are noticed, professional help is needed immediately. 

Preventing an Arc Fault

Arc faults can be dangerous and lead to electrical fires, shocks, or electrocution. An arc fault circuit interrupter can help prevent this by tripping the circuit as soon as anything unusual is detected. It is important to make sure the AFCI installation is done by a professional. We can help with the installation of an AFCI breaker, as well as other circuit breaker services, to keep your system in excellent shape. 

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Electricity is necessary, so dealing with a circuit breaker that keeps tripping can be frustrating. That’s where our team at Red Star Electric can help. If you need an AFCI breaker to help prevent any issues in your White Plains home, we can help with the AFCI installation. We can also help with any other circuit breaker services you may need and make sure your electrical system is safe and ready to use.

Don’t let electrical issues cause a problem in your daily life or lead to more serious issues like an electrical fire. If you have any issues with an arc fault circuit breaker or need to have one installed, contact our team. We offer a variety of circuit breaker services and can make sure your electrical system is in great shape.

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