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Why Recommending LED Lighting In Your Home

Why is LED Lighting Better?

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the newest, most energy-efficient lighting source available. Because of their tremendous efficiencies, the LED lighting technology is revolutionizing illumination as we know it. From the backlighting on your keyboard to the street lights outside of your home – LEDs are more and more rapidly being integrated.

Different than the traditional bulb, LEDs can be put into traditional lamps and used like most other light bulbs. They are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. It is finally possible to save energy on lighting without having to sacrifice quality.


Safe for use

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, environmentally-friendly LED lighting contains no mercury or other toxins making them safe to work around and dispose of.

Safe to light

LEDs do not emit ultraviolet (UV) light, which means the light is less harsh on skin and clothes, and won’t attract bugs. Easy on parchment, artwork, and sensitive materials, LEDs are ideal for museum lighting applications.

Cool to the touch

The LED bulb doesn’t generate significant amounts of heat, which means they are cool to the touch and ideal for heat-sensitive lighting arrangements.


Resistant to vibrations and shocks, LEDs are one of the most stable light sources available.

Best alternative

Regulations from the federal government that mandate the phasing out of hazardous tungsten (incandescent light bulbs) lighting starting in 2012. (2007 Energy Independence and Security Act)

Give us a call or email us and let us show you how changing to LED lighting can reduce costs and provide
your family with a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to fluorescent bulbs.