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Why Hire A Licensed Electrician?

Most people are sensible when it comes to working with electricity; they call in a professional or someone who is a qualified licensed electrician. Carrying out electrical work isn’t like plumbing work. If you poorly repair or replace a faulty pipe,  you’ll get wet. Botch an electrical job
and you can get electrocuted.

Laws and Regulations

All consumers should be aware of the laws regarding electrical contracting. They change regularly and often restrict the type of job unqualified electricians or homeowners are allowed to carry out. In some counties, only certified people can carry out electrical installation work and the work must be certified upon completion.

Some electrical work, such as repairs on existing circuits, can be undertaken immediately, while some work, such as adding new circuits, must be approved by the local municipality before the job is carried out. For this reason, it is best to always use a qualified, professional electrician who will assess the job, notify the proper local inspectors if required, and certify the finished work.


Certified electricians not only have the technical knowledge and expertise to carry out an electricity job to a high standard, but they will also have the requisite knowledge of how to work safely.

Professional electricians know the correct procedures to carry out before starting the job and come with the tools and expertise to ensure that the work area is safe.

Do it yourself, though perhaps handy, should not attempt electrical work. Qualified electricians are required and trained to be up-to-date on the following:

  • Current regulations.
  • Industry changes, types of circuit breakers, etc.
  • Whether or not to notify local inspectors about a particular installation or upgrade.
  • Exactly where to drill in a wall to run cables.
  • The best places and ways to run cables.
  • What size wires to use.
  • What size of fuse or circuit breaker to use.
  • How many outlets can be run from one circuit?

Check Qualifications

Always inquire if your electrician has a license and check with an online source like Angie’s List to make sure the person working in your home is recommended by your neighbors and qualified to do the repairs and upgrades he is providing.