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Do You Know Which Generator is Right for Your Home?

With seemingly new weather patterns emerging, short and long-term power outages are anticipated up and down the east coast. Knowing which generator is right for your home becomes essential in making the correct choice and being properly prepared. The information below provides some of the details to assist you.

In General, there’re 2 types of generators:

Portable Generator

This type of generator requires a transfer switch to be installed by a licensed electrician. This set up allows you to plug your generator into a transfer switch and power whichever circuits have been pre-wired. Generally, a transfer switch for a portable generator allows from 6 to 10 circuits. These circuits are usually for lights, refrigerators, TVs, sump pumps, and boilers. Items such as hair dryers, space heaters, and toaster ovens generally require more power than a portable generator can provide. Of course, the one problem with portables is they only run about 6 hours before needing to be refilled with gasoline.

Standby Generator

This type of generator uses natural gas or propane and is permanently placed in a location and turns on automatically, within 10-15 seconds, when the power goes out. They also shut themselves off when power is restored. These are more expensive than portables but are automatic, run on natural gas or propane, and do not have to be constantly fueled up. Standby Generators are available in much larger sizes than portables so they can provide more power. Besides providing for power, standby generators require minimal maintenance and add to the value of your home. Of course, like all electrical and plumbing installations, standby generators should always be installed by a licensed professional with proper permits and inspections.

Some generator brands such as Generac offers a free 10-year warranty for a standby generator.  To get expert in-home installation, call Red Star Electric for a no-obligation consultation on a variety of best standby generators that suits your needs.

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